Thermiks are also known as Microtherms, Klixons and the temperature limiting switch.

These Bimetal switches are installed into Electric Motor windings for thermal motor protection.

Thermiks can be built into the main circuit of a small electric motor, or used in conjunction with a relay to switch an alarm on or cooling fan

Usually one switch per phase in an electric motor

Duplex and Triplex versions are available as in the diagram below

Thermik offers the smallest switch on the market

Thermik boast sustainable performance under continuous operation.

Switching temperatures are predetermined.

We keep stock of Normally Closed switches but normally open switches are available

Switching currents up to 75a

These switches can handle the vacuum impregnation process (VPI)

VDE, UL , CSA approvals are available

Switching Temperature between 60 Deg C – 200 Deg C

They offer excellent long term stability

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