Names for this product the PT100,Winding Sensors and Slot Sensors

They are mostly used in the low to medium temperature range from 50°C to 260°C

Applications include temperature measurement in or on electric motor windings, stator slots and bearings.

They are also used to measure temperature in Transformer windings and on other industrial applications

Different housings for different applications make the RTD’s more durable.

Different materials can be used if specified by the customers.

MEC manufactures the PT500 and PT1000 as well.

EX and IECEx versions are available for hazardous areas.

MEC manufacture all types of RTD’s used in Industry

Below are some popular versions

BULB TYPE WINDING RTD – Download Spec-sheet
These are used in the windings of the Electric motor or transformer for thermal protection.
They are very sensitive but rugged.

STRIP TYPE RTD (SLOT TYPE RTD) – Download Spec-sheet
Embedded in the slots of the stator measures temperature at a point, or over a longer area. Manufactured to customer requirements

BEARING PROBE RTD – Download Spec-sheet
Designed to measure bearing temperature

Designed to measure bearing and general industrial temperatures applications

Wrinding RTDs temeprature Sensor Electric Motor Thermal Protection
Electric Motor Bearing Probe RTD
Winding RTD Schematic

A: 2.5mm
B: 25mm
C: 2000mm