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Contactless sensors

Laser Sensors

Due to their high resolution laser sensors are ideal for non-contact precision measurement of distance, route and position. Through an advanced analysis method the electronics of the laser sensor calculates the exact distance to the measurement object by means of triangulation or phase shift. The compact and robust design of the sensors makes measuring possible even under cramped conditions.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors measure without contact the distance to the measurement object, regardless of color and material. Ultrasound is a high-frequency oscillation emitted by the sensor, which is reflected on the measurement object and is received back in the form of an echo. From the travel time of the sound, the sensor calculates an analog output signal proportional to the distance. A classic application for ultrasonic sensors is level measurement.

Magnetostrictive Transducers

Magnetostrictive distance transducers enable contact-free and wear-free measurement. The housing of this transducer has a measuring element (waveguide) which, in interaction with an external, freely movable magnet, can map distances very accurately. Sensors of this class have been successfully used in automation, level measurement and in hydraulic cylinders at pressures up to 350 bar for many years.

Magnetic Scales

Magnetic Scales by WayCon consist of a reading head and a linear magnetic tape. The sensor head fed without contact over the magnetic tape and is technically wear-free. The digital magnetic scale has a accuracy up to ±15 μm by a measurement length up to 100 m. Magnetic scales are also called digital rulers.

Capacitive Sensors

Draw wire sensors are low-cost, compact sensors which accurately measure the position or change in position of objects. Core components of a draw wire sensor are a precision measuring wire and a sensor element (e.g. potentiometer or encoder), which convert the path change into a proportional electrical signal. The maintenance-free draw wires are particularly quick and easy to assemble and are used because of their reliability in all areas of industry.

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